CORD Welcomes Chefs of Michelin-Starred Restaurant Sollip

June 2023

Le Cordon Bleu Alumni Chef Bomee Ki and Chef Woongchul Park will be our guest chefs for our first pop-up at CORD

On Monday 3rd July, CORD by Le Cordon Bleu hostedits first ever guest chef pop-up at the restaurant.

Le Cordon Bleu alumni, Chef Woongchul Park and Chef Bomee Ki of Michelin-starred restaurant, Sollip took over the kitchens at Cord for the day.

As both chefs are Korean and grew up eating Korean food, they wanted to combine their love of their culture with their love of French culinary techniques. When devising the concept for Sollip, the couple wanted to fill a gap they saw in the industry and create a restaurant that was sincerely Korean inspired and pay homage to their upbringing. The Michelin guide describes Sollip as “cooking that really feels it comes from the heart; it’s not showy or over complicated, just polished and poised”.

Cord was honoured to have Chef Bomee and Chef Woongchul present to showcase their talents and culture. As Le Cordon Bleu alumni, it was a fantastic opportunity for guests to experience first-hand the teachings of the famed culinary institute. The husband-and-wife duo met as students at Le Cordon Bleu where they both graduated in 2010 and returned to London in 2020 to open their restaurant.

The guest appearance at Cord showcased a marriage of European and Korean cuisine which combines Chef Woongchul and Chef Bomee’s cultural heritage and their culinary training. Guests were able to experience the culinary skills of Le Cordon Bleu in Korean inspired dishes. Korean flavours such as gochujang, yuzu and doenjang were used in the dishes created to help showcase the cultural inspiration behind the menu and Sollip’s ethos.

From the chefs to the front of house staff to guests, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day. Chef Park described the day as one that “will be remembered as such a great memory for all of us!”.

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